The Dreamstone is a ruby-like stone that Dream had stored power in. It was taken by Doctor Destiny (while Dream was captured). It was crushed by Doctor Destiny while h was fighting Dream (Destiny believed it would kill Dream if he crushed it), restoring full control of the Dreaming to Dream.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

The Endless
Destiny · Death · Dream · Destruction · Desire · Despair · Delirium
The Garden of the Forking Ways · The Light at the End of the Tunnel · The Dreaming · The Threshold · The Gray Realm · Delirium's World
The Book of Destiny · Ankh necklace · Dreamhelm · Destruction's Sword · Desire's Heart · Hooked Ring · Delirium's Sigil
Sandpouch · Dreamstone · The Family Room

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