Boo Bear
Boo bear
Baby Bear
Rebellion group at the Farm

Base of Operations

Fabletown, previously
Current Residence
Papa Bear, father
Mamma Bear, mother

Boo Bear, also known as Baby Bear, is one of the Three Bears. He is the son of Papa Bear and Mama Bear. He is in a relationship with Goldilocks. He fought in the revolt at the Farm and was then sentenced to one hundred years of hard labor.

He was killed during the fight against the wooden soldiers in Fabletown. His body was then commited to the Witching Well. Mama Bear then became pregnant again and so the Fable once more had three bears.

Boo Bear accompanied King Ambrose to Haven.

The FableEdit

In the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" the Three Bears leave their house to take a walk. When they return they find a girl, Goldilocks, had tried their porridge, eating all of Baby bear's, sat in their chairs and broken Baby bear's and is now sleeping in baby bear's bed.

Notes and ReferencesEdit

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